Author Topic: Check this before you post!  (Read 1582 times)

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Check this before you post!
« on: February 14, 2018, 01:10:25 AM »
Hi All!

Before you post questions, please make sure you do some due diligence first, to avoid a bunch of unnecessary work:

• Check this FAQ for super basic questions

• For "How do I do XXXXXX? question, please first consult the (detailed) help guides on the site:

• For "Hey this seems broken or weird!" questions, please first search through the "Known Issues" board of this forum ( You can even open up that board, and then use the forum search feature to search on just that board for a specific item. You may also want to search through the question boards on this forum first, before posting your own.

But if you cannot find your question already answered anywhere above, then head on off to the appropriate question board on this forum!

~ The Management