Author Topic: Text displays are different in editing and public viewing modes  (Read 1053 times)

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Issue: When editing text in DM, it displays as a different font than when the same text is viewed by a public user.

Explanation/Workaround: DM 1.0 has a design quirk where its default font display is different in editing and public modes. When you are editing a text in DM that originates from within DM, it will display in 12pt Times font. However, in public views of the same document, the same text will display by default as 14pt Helvetica font instead. Additionally, default text displays in DM 1.0 do not have provisions for setting margins. Such limitations will be addressed in DM 2.0.
   To set text fonts, sizes, margins (and colors) so that they uniformly display across editing and public modes of viewing, you can paste formatted text in from an external text file. See for more information.