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Inactive highlight
« on: March 10, 2018, 05:14:20 PM »
Issue: If you are unable to open a highlight's window of links, then you probably have a corrupted or inactive highlight. Whereas hovering over a highlight should open the highlight's window of links, hovering over a corrupted or inactive highlight will fail to open the highlight's link window.

Explanation and Workaround: Corrupted or inactive highlights can occasionally occur when network connection errors interrupt DM's automatic saving - so while the highlight was made, it was not correctly saved to the server, and will appear as a highlight, but not function as one. If this is happening, you will likely be seeing Save Error alerts as you are working. Inactive highlights cannot be easily fixed, but they can be easily replaced. You can get rid of them pretty easily by completely deleting the highlighted text, ensuring sure the yellow highlighted text (which is now just background color formatting) is completely gone. Then you can rewrite the text,  create a new highlight and rebuild the links associated with the highlight.
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