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Projects: News & Questions / Re: Database Integration for 2.0 release
« Last post by Martin Foys on October 24, 2018, 09:34:57 AM »
IIIF was originally not part of the funding for 2.0, but the developers were able to easily add it in as part of the rebuild of the image backend, as it was a part of Open Seadragon.

So, currently, DM 2.0 can ingest IIIF images from an online source, but while the foundation is there , the front interface for doing so is limited to single image ingestion from a specific info.json uri that is manually entered.

Obviously this is not how IIIF should work in DM - the goal is to have seamless batch and drag and drop and manifest consumption from the front end. We currently have a NEH ODH grant application submitted that would fund (among other features) the building the necessary IIIF consumption interface for DM 2.5 - if that is not funded, we'll be pursuing other funds to make this happen ASAP as a first priority for the next feature built in 2019 - it shouldn't be a lot of money or development hours to make this happen, regardless.
Projects: News & Questions / Database Integration for 2.0 release
« Last post by ZBenalayat on October 24, 2018, 09:04:20 AM »
I have read that the 2.0 version of DM should have ingestion functionality for images hosted on IIIF servers.  I was wondering if anyone testing out 2.0, or if anyone who has connected their instance of 1.0 to a database in some capacity would be able to illuminate how this interaction will work going forward.
Yes, a variety of fonts can be displayed in DM as long as the characters are standard unicode that display in whatever fonts the viewer has available to their browser. For example, some runic forms are standard to Helvetica, Arial, and other fonts, so anybody will be able to view them. The same goes for Greek and other alphabets.

There are, however, some unicode characters that are super specialized, and only available in a very small number of fonts - in those cases, DM will still display these characters, but only if the viewer's browser has that font available to it.
Happy to report that LauraLee Brott's introductory material on the Psalter World and List Maps have now been added in to the project.
Frequently Asked Questions / Does it matter what web browser I use?
« Last post by Max Gray on April 13, 2018, 06:49:43 PM »
Yes! In DM 1.0, projects can be viewed on laptop/desktop versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers. But if you want to create and edit projects, then it is strongly recommended that you use a version of the Chrome web browser. DM 1.0 is optimized for the Chrome browser, and while other browsers may be used to edit projects, we have not rigorously tested these other platforms. In DM 2.0, which is in development, projects will be able to be viewed, created and edited with all standard web browsers.

Also in DM 1.0, if your laptop/computer features a touchscreen, then it is recommended that you suspend touch screen features while viewing, creating and editing projects. DM 2.0 you will run on all standard web browsers and be touchscreen compatible.
Issue: If you try to upload an image that has quotation marks ("") in its filename to a DM project, the image will appear to upload, but the resulting item will not display in the project.

Workaround: Delete the failed upload from the DM project's Table of Contents. Remove the quotation marks ("") from the filename of the image you wish to upload, and try again. Note: during the upload process you can add quotation marks to the display title of the image you wish to upload, which is how the image title will display in the Table of Contents and in its title bar. 
Issue: When editing text in DM, it displays as a different font than when the same text is viewed by a public user.

Explanation/Workaround: DM 1.0 has a design quirk where its default font display is different in editing and public modes. When you are editing a text in DM that originates from within DM, it will display in 12pt Times font. However, in public views of the same document, the same text will display by default as 14pt Helvetica font instead. Additionally, default text displays in DM 1.0 do not have provisions for setting margins. Such limitations will be addressed in DM 2.0.
   To set text fonts, sizes, margins (and colors) so that they uniformly display across editing and public modes of viewing, you can paste formatted text in from an external text file. See for more information. 
Issue: When using DM, lower parts or edges of some of DM's interface may appear clipped or cut off.

Explanation and Workaround: Depending on the size of your computer screen, you may want to play with the zoom feature on the Chrome browser ( to find the zoom percentage that best displays DM on a particular screen. 100% zoom will not necessarily be best for everyone on every screen - on some smaller laptop screens, 100% zoom may clip off the bottom of the Table of Contents window, but 90% zoom will adequately display all of DM's features on the screen.

Note: Changing the zoom feature on your browser may affect other features - for instance, the positioning of highlight rollover windows tends to change when the browser screen is zoomed.
Known DM 1.0 issues & workarounds / Table of Contents missing items!
« Last post by Max Gray on March 10, 2018, 05:47:34 PM »
Issue and Explanation: If you are working on a network connection that is spotty, then your primary documents may seem to have disappeared from your table of contents.

Workaround: Try closing your browser and maybe also reconnecting to your network, and your primary documents should reappear.
Known DM 1.0 issues & workarounds / Inactive highlight
« Last post by Max Gray on March 10, 2018, 05:14:20 PM »
Issue: If you are unable to open a highlight's window of links, then you probably have a corrupted or inactive highlight. Whereas hovering over a highlight should open the highlight's window of links, hovering over a corrupted or inactive highlight will fail to open the highlight's link window.

Explanation and Workaround: Corrupted or inactive highlights can occasionally occur when network connection errors interrupt DM's automatic saving - so while the highlight was made, it was not correctly saved to the server, and will appear as a highlight, but not function as one. If this is happening, you will likely be seeing Save Error alerts as you are working. Inactive highlights cannot be easily fixed, but they can be easily replaced. You can get rid of them pretty easily by completely deleting the highlighted text, ensuring sure the yellow highlighted text (which is now just background color formatting) is completely gone. Then you can rewrite the text,  create a new highlight and rebuild the links associated with the highlight.
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